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Privacy statement

We are concerned about your privacy, safety and security and seek to protect all three in our dealings with you.  The sections below detail more specifically our concerns as well as our efforts to protect you privacy, safety and security.

Privacy Statement

Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. (WHRC) has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers.  The following discloses our information gathering, use and dissemination practices.

Our website, like many other websites, automatically tracks certain information about users of the website.  This information includes the URL that visitors just came from (whether this URL is on our site or not), which URL you go to next (if that URL is on our site) and what browser you are using.  This information is tracked in the aggregate and not associated with any particular user.  That is, we track the number of users who come from a particular URL but not which users do so.  We use the information about where users came from last to assess the success of our advertising and determine which links generate the best traffic for our site.  Information about how users traverse our website is used to improve the navigability and usability of our website.  Different browsers read HTML differently and some web functions are not supported by all browsers in use.  We use information about browsers used by our visitors to develop a site that works for as broad a group of potential users as possible.

We operate several e-mail mailing lists from our website.  All customers who make a purchase from our site, win one of our on-line auctions (on eBay, Amazon or Yahoo) or subscribe to our 50 State Quarters Subscription Program are automatically subscribed to our General Mailing List.  In addition, customers who have an identified interest in certain types of coins or who have asked to be notified of availability of certain types of coins may be enrolled in one or more of our specialized mailing lists that relate to their particular interest.  In addition, we encourage non-customers to join one or more of our mailing lists and solicit subscriptions to our specialized lists from subscribers to our General Mailing List, whether existing or potential customers.

Our mailing list function requires users who opt-in to one of our mailing lists to provide us with their e-mail address, which we verify prior to activating their subscription.  Any user, whether the user opted-in to the list or was automatically subscribed, may opt-out of any of our mailing lists.  Users may opt-out by modifying their preferences using the Mailing List Administration Panel on our website or by clicking on the unsubscribe link in our email newsletters.  All opt-out requests are immediately honored and are processed automatically by the mailing list management software running on our web servers.  Persons who opt-out of any of our lists are allowed to opt-in to any other list or to opt-in to a list to which they have previously opted-out. 

We collect the name and shipping address of customers who purchase a product, enroll in our 50 State Quarters Subscription Program, or are a successful bidder in one of our on-line auctions.  Depending on the nature of the transaction, we may also collect additional information such as e-mail address, telephone number and credit card number, expiration date and billing address.

If you choose to buy from our website or bid on one of our on-line auctions, we may collect information about your buying and bidding behavior.  We collect information about current collections and current needs from customers who choose to share this information with us whether through our Want List Service or by other means.  We use the aggregate information about our customers' haves, wants and needs to develop our buying and inventory patterns.

We collect item description, sales price and similar information about each transaction necessary for our inventory management, internal accounting and Federal and state income tax accounting.

Our website uses cookies to simplify functions for our users.

Personal correspondence, such as emails or letters, may be collected into a file specific to that user.

None of the information we collect about our customers is shared with third parties unless, and only to the extent, necessary to process customer transactions (e.g., credit card information, name and billing address is shared with our credit card processor in order to process charges).  WHRC owns the www.wayneherndon.com website and the www.NumisU.com website (in development) and may from time-to-time develop and operate other websites.  Occasionally, customers of WHRC and users of this website may be contacted with information about these other sites or other future owned sites.

Our website contains links to other sites. WHRC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

Changes in the way we collect, use and disseminate information will be implemented by amending this privacy statement.  We will post the amended statement in this location on our website.  Changes will be effective 30 days after the posting of the new statement. 


We also are extremely sensitive to internet viruses and go to extraordinary links to assure we don't spread them to our customers through any of our e-mail correspondence.

First of all, we use state-of-the-art virus software and update virus definitions six times a day.  We use this software to scan every incoming e-mail and attachment.  For double protection, we also scan every outgoing e-mail and attachment.

In addition, most viruses are written to exploit weaknesses in the most popular e-mail readers.  A virus author wants to wreak havoc on as many people as possible and therefore typically designs the virus with some popular software in mind.  Consequently, we use little known software to manage our e-mail correspondence, lessening the likelihood that a virus could take over our system and send e-mails to our customers.


This site and our information systems have security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control.  Our mailing list administration program runs on our website and stores subscribers' e-mail addresses.  Our shopping cart program stores user profile information to facility the use of the shopping cart.  All credit card and other personal information is accessed only through secure servers using SSL encryption for the protection of our customers.  All other information we collect is stored in a secure, off-site location behind a fire-wall.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement, our safety practices or the measures we use to secure your private information, you can contact us at wh@wayneherndon.com.


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