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Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. :: We Buy Coins
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Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. ::  We Buy Coins

We Buy Coins
Yes, we do buy coins.  We sell them and have to get them someplace.  We buy individual coins as well as sets and entire collections.  

Outright Purchase

The fastest way to turn your coins into cash is to sell them outright.  We are happy to make you an offer on any US coins you wish to sell and issue an immediate check if you accept our offer.   Alternatively, if you prefer to trade for other coins in our inventory or accept a store credit, we can typically make our offer a little higher.  Essentially, we are willing to give up a bit of our margin if you are willing to spend the proceeds back with us.


For customers with more time, we can help maximize the selling price by accepting your coins on consignment.  Our sales strategy is based on volume and turning our inventory quickly rather than maximizing the sale price.  For example, if we buy a coin for $1000 and can sell it in one month for $1100 or market it for three months and ultimately sell it for $1200, we would rather sell it for $1100 and reinvest the proceeds into another coin.  If we can sell three coins in the same three month period, we make $100 more than if we held out for the higher price on the first.  On the other hand, with a consignment arrangement, our capital is not tied up in the coin and our compensation is a percent of the sales price.  Accordingly, our interest is less in a quick sale and more in maximizing the sales price for our consignor.  In short, if you are interested in a quick sale, sell your coins outright.  If you are interested in maximizing the sales price, consider a consignment arrangement.

We have a large customer base and can use our Want List Service and Mailing Lists to market your coins.   We will also make them available on our extensive website inventory, list them in our upcoming advertisements in Coin World, Numismatic News or other specialized numismatic publications as appropriate, make them available at one or more of the many coins shows we attend around the country every year, present them on one of our eBay, Amazon and/or Yahoo auctions, or offer them in our eBay store.  We can professionally photograph your coins, accurately describe and attribute them, and attractively present them for you in one or more of our marketing channels without any up front cost to you.  The net to you the seller is often higher than should you decide to do it yourself due to our existing customer base, the broader exposure we can offer through multiple marketing channels, and the comfort factor buyers get in dealing with an established dealership.

Auction Placement

Even if you have already decided to consign your coins to a major auction house (e.g,, Heritage, Bowers & Merena, Teletrade, ANR, etc.), you should still consider talking to us first.  Because of our relationships and the volume of business we conduct with the major auction houses we can often get you a better financial deal than you would be able to get on your own.  In addition, we can assist with setting reserves, assist with certifying raw coins, and reviewing already certified coins for upgrade or cross over opportunities.  

If you have coins for sale, please contact us with a description and we will be happy to try and work out an arrangement that fits your situation.  


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