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Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. :: Affiliations
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Wayne Herndon Rare Coins, Inc. ::  Affiliations

Numismatic Organizations--We highly recommend every coin collector join at least one numismatic organization with an educational focus.  Even casual exposure to periodic newsletters published by such organizations will be enlightening and amplify your enjoyment of the hobby.  Knowledge about grading and the particular coin series you collect will also help assure you are getting proper value for your collecting dollar.  We are proud to be members of several such organizations and enthusiastically recommend them for your consideration:
American Numismatic Association (LM-5864, LM-208897, R-208898, R-208899, R-208900)
Professional Numismatists Guild (655)
Industry Council for Tangible Assets
Blue Ridge Numismatic Association (R-5145)
Central States Numismatic Society (LM-845)
Florida United Numismatists (LM 778, 19527, 19528, 19529)
Georgia Numismatic Association (LM-180)
Maryland State Numismatic Association (R-791)
Tennessee State Numismatic Society (LM-259)
Texas Numismatic Association (LM-208)
Virginia Numismatic Association (LM)
Early American Coppers Club (5944)
Toned Coin Collectors' Society
Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America (N-3031)
The National Collectors Association of Die Doubling (142)
The World Internet Numismatic Society (37)
John Reich Collectors Society
Liberty Seated Collectors Club (1975)
Barber Coin Collectors Society
Fly-In Club
Full Step Nickel Club (331)
National Silver Dollar Roundtable (LM)
Society for US Commemorative Collectors (3061)
Collectors Universe (PCGS) Message Boards (wayneherndon)
Collectors Society (NGC) Message Boards (wayneherndon)
Numismatic Bibliomania Society
Authentication and Grading Services--We are authorized dealers for the two major grading services, the leading numismatic conservation service and two major currency grading services and can assist with the submission of your coins or paper money for authentication, certification or conservation: Electronic Dealer Trading Networks--As a dealer member of three major electronic dealer trading networks, we actively buy and sell coins in series of interest and can place bids/asks on behalf of customers' buy or sell needs: Other Affiliations--Non-numismatic but they help define who we are:

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